Call for Evidence

Download the Call for Evidence Form

Professor Sir Patrick Bateson FRS of Cambridge University has been appointed  to conduct an independent inquiry into the breeding of dogs.  The Inquiry is funded jointly by Dogs Trust and the Kennel Club but is operating independently of both organisations. The review has the support of the Government’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), who were involved in the selection of Professor Bateson as Chair.

The terms of reference for the Inquiry can be found here.

In order to inform its deliberations and eventual conclusions, the Inquiry team would like to see evidence from the broadest possible range of interested parties.  Anyone with relevant information and data is therefore invited to submit their evidence well before the deadline of 15 May 2009. Guidance on the means of submitting evidence is given below.

All submissions should be provided on the Call for Evidence Form (click on the link to download in .doc format) and sent by e-mail to to arrive by 15 May at the latest. Supporting information, eg scientific papers, data, tables and statistics, should be provided either by attachment to the email or by link to the relevant site.

If submission by email is not possible, please post a hard copy of the form and any supporting evidence (PLUS an electronic copy of the whole submission including supporting evidence, either on CD-ROM or memory stick) to The Secretary, The Independent Inquiry into Dog Breeding, PO Box 682, CAMBRIDGE, CB1 0LY.

Download the Call for Evidence Form

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